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2013 Buy a Heart. Save a Life!

Introducing the 2013 Team Seattle Hearts

Team Seattle is delighted to offer you the chance to “Buy a Heart, Save a Life!” for the 3rd consecutive year with a brand new heart and, for the first time, a choice! When you sign up for your heart you can select what kind you’d like us to stick to the car. Select from the male heart, female heart or let us know if you’d like us to stick the pair of them on the 2013 Team Seattle GT car.

Heart History

For those of you who are new to the hearts program, here is a quick recap. In 2011, Team Seattle created a program where supporters and fans could buy a Team Seattle Heart. Each heart cost $50 and 100% of the cost went directly to Seattle Children’s Hospital. In the 1st year we raised nearly $70,000 from this program alone and that success carried into 2012 where a further $50,000 was made totaling over $120,000 from the program in the first two years.

Heart Army

This year we’re going to set the target higher and we’re introducing another 1st. If you’d like to buy just a single heart, that would be fantastic and below you’ll find the instructions on how to make that happen. If you’d like to take part and make an even bigger impact for Team Seattle and Children’s Hospital we’ve created the Team Seattle Heart Army. For those interested in helping sell our hearts we’re offering further incentive to those who sell 10 or more. Further information can be found here.

Buy Your 2013 Heart

As with previous years, the offer is very simple. A $50 dollar donation gets you a heart. We’ll stick your choice of heart on the Team Seattle GT car (either inside or outside) and we’ll recognize your contribution by putting your name on the 24 Hour Tote Board. We’re also continuing the tradition that if you are actually at the race you are more than welcome to walk up and buy a heart at the track and stick it directly to the car and sign it. If you ask nicely, we might even take a photo of you with it!

Your 2013 Heart Payment Process

Please follow the sign up process below. By purchasing a heart you really are making a difference. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate, the system will work with any debit or credit card.

Please enter a minimum donation of $50 for your heart.  If you’d like to donate more to Team Seattle or pay more than $50 for your Heart that would be fantastic but to qualify, the minimum is $50 per Heart.  USD I’d like to select my heart (e.g. male or female) and or nominate a seller (e.g. Don Kitch Jr.)*
Heart Selection:

 *To keep the process of donation for a heart simple, we’re asking you to enter if you’d like a female or male heart and, if you’ve been sold a heart by someone you’d like to nominate, is a partner or part of the Heart Army, to enter their name. Our suggested input using examples above would be Female/Kitch Jr.

It’s OK if you don’t nominate a seller or select a type of heart. We’re just giving you the most choice we can for the 2013 Hearts program. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments:

Buy a heart today. Save a life tomorrow!